Driving Sustainable Business Growth

New Services

We have stood the test of time and are the premier provider of Financial and Business Support Services. Our goal is to help your business with the very best Financial and Accounting services in a way that promotes sustainable business growth. Because our quality control standards are high, our highly skilled personnel are among the best in the business. We always deliver best practice professional services and you can rely on us to bring value to your business. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy and satisfied. Here is a short list of our services.



We provide the best up to date approach in strategy planning. Our clients most often request that we assist during the implementation and evaluation phase of the strategic recommendations we make to them.

Such recommendations come after a proper business review, identifying key strengths and weaknesses. We help flag areas where you need to concentrate resources to bring the best returns. The analysis we do will unveil hidden aspects of your business as we use state of the art tools and expertise.


Data Entry: The first step in right first time reporting, analysis, business performance evaluation and pricing reviews is to accurately record all business transactions. We prepare order to cash and purchase to pay procedures that over-ride loop holes and enhance complete transaction capture. We also have expertise for new system implementation and data migration. Some of our clients have out sourced their Bookkeeping and Accounting departments to Skaiservices due to our expertise.

Inventory Management: We lease inventory management software and support our clients on best practice techniques to better manage their inventory while optimising working capital.

Fixed Asset Management: Fixed assets are an essential part of business spending and the importance of having proper management and visibility cannot be over emphasized. We conduct fixed asset count, codification, classification and provide best practice approach in managing the fixed asset register.

Talent Sourcing and Development

Talent Sourcing: Employee skills play a central role in the proper use of financial resources of a business. We assist our clients in acquiring the best talent for their businesses. We specialise in providing Accounting and Finance skilled workers to our clients.

Talent Development: Continous training to meet the needs of the job and to guarantee low employee turnover. We offer in house training to keep up to pace with business strategy and innovation.